Veterans Truck and Trailer Service

Trailer Service & Repair

Trailer Service & Repair

Veterans Truck & Trailer aims to keep your trailer on the road, whether it’s preventative service or extensive repair, and everything in between. Our trailer repair shop and team of certified mechanics can identify and repair any damage or faulty equipment on your trailer. Routine service is essential to make sure that your trailer and other tow-behind equipment isn’t compromising your load, gas mileage, or safety. Our dedicated and experienced service team knows everything involved in trailer service and repair so you can feel confident that you are in good hands. No matter how much routine maintenance service you do, things happen and trailer repair is occasionally needed.

Trailer Service

Veterans is the ultimate one-stop repair shop, and our range of trailer repair services is extensive and includes:

Trailer Service – AC repair

You spend a lot of time in your trailer and it’s important to be comfortable on the long haul across warmer climates. We provide AC repair should you ever find yourself in need.

Trailer axle service, frame repair & roof repair

Whether it’s in need of maintenance or complete repair, we can provide you with trailer axle repair or axle service. If it’s your frame that’s in need of attention, our team of trailer frame repair experts can fix it with ease. It’s important that the roof is also maintained and fixed if needed. Veterans can provide top-of-the-line trailer roof repair at a great price.

Trailer Service – Brake Repair

Trailers and trucks are large and in charge, which means working brakes are extra important for keeping the roads safe. Let Veterans keep you and everyone around you safe with our top-of-the-line trailer brake repair and service. Whether it’s routine brake service maintenance or a complete trailer brake repair, we’ve got you covered.

Trailer Suspension Repair

Keeping your trailer suspension maintained and expertly repaired when needed will extend your fuel and tire mileage significantly. Whether it’s trailer suspension rebuilding or suspension part maintenance, Veterans will provide you with expert service.

No matter what type of trailer service repair you need, Veterans Truck and Trailer is committed to providing dependable, affordable and sustainable service to all of our customers.