Veterans Truck and Trailer Service

Semi Truck Service & Repair

Semi Truck Service & Repair

Veterans Truck & Trailer is here for you when you have a semi truck that needs service or repair. Our certified technicians have the training and expertise to perform a wide range of maintenance, repair and service to get your rig back on the road. As a semi truck owner and driver, it is essential that your truck and trailer are in excellent working condition in order to keep you on the road and doing your job.

Semi Truck Service

Semi Truck and Trailer Maintenance

Veterans Truck & Trailer will help you avoid a semi truck breakdown by providing excellent maintenance services whenever you need them. If it has an engine, and if that engine is on wheels, it requires maintenance and preventative care. Our team of specialists provides a wide range of -services to maintain your rig. Our maintenance services include anything from inspections, oil changes, coolant flushes/fills and beyond. Our semi trailer maintenance services include brake inspections and adjustments, breakaway maintenance, suspensions, sealants and more. With routine semi truck maintenance, our experienced and dedicated service team will make sure that your truck’s condition isn’t compromising your gas mileage, safety, load or comfort.

Semi Repair

While routine semi truck maintenance can lower the need for any major repair jobs, things occasionally happen that require a more in-depth repair job. The certified mechanics at Veterans Truck & Trailer can identify and repair any damage or faulty equipment on your trailer – and do it for the long haul. Our full-service shop offers a wide range of trailer and truck repair services.

Semi Truck AC Repair

You likely spend a lot of time in your rig and staying comfortable is important. If you ever find yourself in need of Semi truck ac repair, you can count on our mechanics to get it fixed and keep you cool on the road.

Semi Truck Transmission Repair

Do you find yourself noticing delayed movement response from your rig and think your transmission might be the culprit? Your truck’s transmission is one of its most structurally complicated and integral components. Let Veterans provide you with top-of-the-line semi truck transmission repair before it gets any worse.

Semi Truck Engine Repair

It’s important to find a trusted engine repair shop the moment you realize that your semi truck engine needs repair. Veteran’s Truck & Trailer can provide you with the expert engine repair that you need to feel confident that your vehicle is ready to hit the road again.

If you experience a semi truck breakdown but don’t know the cause, Veterans’ service center is equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and equipment to identify and resolve any issue. Whether you need brake repair, axle repair, frame repair, engine repair, transmission repair and beyond, we’ll be sure to quickly and comprehensively test for and identify the problem. We’ll provide high quality repair services to get your rig back in tip-top shape.